Raising the bar for Urban renewal with the five minute connected city


At the Good Growth Conference in Sydney, PAYCE managing director Mr Dominic Sullivan stated “Major community renewal should raise the bar and shoot for a five minute connected city, rather than the current 30-minute benchmark”

“The current urban planning guidelines for new communities in Sydney, are expected to meet the 30 minute city rule, which is - creating new communities which are within 30 minutes of work, home, shops and recreational opportunities,” noted Dominic Sullivan.

Mr Sullivan went further, suggesting that good urban renewals should be aiming for a 5 minute city.

Dominic Sullivan discusses the Five minute city

The Good Growth Housing Conference held in Sydney recently was a full day of discussion and debate. Covering topics such as how to design, plan, fund and create urban renewal for Australia’s major cities, regional communities that will serve the nation well into the future.

Delegates discussed the issues pertinent to good planning for growth, encompassing appropriate housing needs of all - whether a young family, an older person retiring, low income workers, those enduring social, physical or economic disadvantage. Good planning incorporates housing that integrates well with other infrastructure such as schools, transport, health and green space.

Sydney well positioned for sustainable world class modern residential apartment precincts – Dominic Sullivan

Dominic Sullivan said, “Sydney is well poised to create world class modern communities that are connected, productive, liveable and smart. Connected communities provide a superior experience for residents and visitors alike - that lead to better social, health and sustainability outcomes.”

Continuing, Mr Sullivan said, “The aim for new urbanism is all about walkability. Wether it’s your work or social life, you should be no more than a 5 minute commute to your place of work, cafes, child care, gyms or supermarkets. Everything you need, can be right on your doorstep, connected by parks and green spaces, no more than a 5 minute walk away.”

PAYCE forward thinking on urban planning

Based on recent Urban planning studies, Mr Sullivan said great modern urban renewals were underpinned by four pillars covering social, environmental, cultural and economic factors. Collectively these form an overall strategy designed to introduce diversity throughout the culture and economy of the surrounding community and environment.

Addressing issues covering Energy collection and use, land and water use, transportation throughout the community, waste collection and recycling all contribute to a highly sustainable and durable infrastructure.

Social, cultural and economic diversity can be introduced by considering how a community relates to land use. The ideal being a harmonious distribution between day-life and night-life, work life and play life aspects, diversity between large business and industry, small-businesses, markets and strip shopping, cafes, eateries, arts and entertainments.

Connecting areas and surrounds with green spaces, parks and gardens, dramatically enrices the environs and supplies places for community to grow, so residents can gather to socialise as well as hold events and festivals.

PAYCE residential apartment communities to date

Dominic Sullivan went on to say “PAYCE has completed several major urban renewals, including at Wentworth Point, South Village at Kirrawee and the internationally recognised East Village at Zetland.”

PAYCE have engaged some of the most creative people in the country to come up with fresh innovative ideas that would maximise the opportunities and benefit everyone who might work, live, play or shop in the communities that they create. Most recently under construction and offering off-the-plan residential apartments for sale is Melrose Park.

Mr Dominic Sullivan stated, “The plan for Melrose Park includes a retail village centre, as well as open space totalling 3.8 hectares, including a new central park, a community oval to be shared with Melrose Park Public School, a large garden park and numerous pocket-parks throughout the precinct."

PAYCE Managing Director, Mr Brian Boyd said, “Sustainability and liveability is at the very heart of every new residential apartment Master Plan developed and constructed by PAYCE. We are very proud of the Melrose Park development which features renewable energy generation for future dwellings, water catchments and water recycling, sustainable transport initiatives with many transport infrastructure upgrades well under way, as well as electric charge points for residents’ cars.”

PAYCE are currently developing the 30 hectare site at Melrose Park which is being designed to include 6000 apartments, a new town centre, parkland and major transport infrastructure developments for all surrounding apartment residences and apartment dwellings.


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