Leading property company PAYCE has welcomed City of Parramatta Council's agreement to work with PAYCE to investigate the feasibility, including the concept design, to build a community connecting bridge over the Parramatta River.

PAYCE Director Dominic Sullivan sees great progress with all stakeholders supporting the Gateway Bridge development.

The Gateway Bridge is to connect two new Sydney suburbs.

Gateway Bridge to Link New Communities – Dominic Sullivan

The 'Gateway Bridge' will connect the new community at Wentworth Point and the major planned development site at Melrose Park which is located on the northern banks of the Parramatta River six kilometres east of Parramatta.

PAYCE Director, Dominic Sullivan, said the bridge linking the two new communities would be designed for bus, pedestrian and bicycles, but also to carry the proposed Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 to Sydney Olympic Park.

"Lord Mayor, Cr Andrew Wilson and his team are showing a lot of foresight in beginning work on this important project now in partnership with PAYCE," Mr Sullivan said.

"It is a landmark partnership which will deliver major benefits to new and existing residents and the broader community," Dominic Sullivan continued.

PAYCE Commit to Modern Community Development with Bridge Forward-Funding – Dominic Sullivan

PAYCE, the original developer of Wentworth Point and the major landowner of Melrose Park, has agreed to forward-fund the cost of designing and constructing the bridge.

"The new Gateway Bridge will connect two of Parramatta's emerging suburbs and improve transport connectivity for the region," Dominic Sullivan offered.

"Modern communities have great transport links and that's why we are committing financially up-front to the project.

Gateway Bridge Seen as an Essential Element for Melrose Park Development – Dominic Sullivan

"We will work closely with the City of Parramatta and other key stakeholders to make this bridge a reality," confirmed Dominic Sullivan.

The 400-metre long bridge is strategically located at the gateway to Parramatta and will help improve connectivity for the Greater Parramatta to Olympic Park precinct and the proposed Sydney Olympic Park Metro Station.

It is also seen as an essential element in the creation of a 30-minute city, linking homes, employment and education precincts all within a 30-minute travel time.

The Melrose Park Development is one of the Biggest in Sydney - Dominic Sullivan

Melrose Park comprises a multi-staged mixed-use development which would result in 1,500 new jobs, new housing (including affordable and key-worker accommodation), commercial office and retail uses, along with a range of new and enhanced community facilities, public parks and other wider community benefits.


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