PAYCE Foundation Director Dominic Sullivan said the students showed outstanding enthusiasm in its video submission.

Granville East Public School will have its own edible school garden after winning the PAYCE Foundation sponsored Seed Harvest Spoon competition this year.

Mr Rob Stokes - And the Winner is ...

The grant winner was officially announced at the school today where students were presented with certificates by the NSW Minister for Education Rob Stokes.

"The school's ‘community warriors group’ demonstrated a passion for not only the opportunity to build their own edible garden, but also a superior understanding of environmental issues", said Mr Rob Stokes.

As the winning school, the students will receive:

  • Materials and support to design and build an edible garden, including a waste management system.
  • An eight-week education program
  • An information program for teachers and parents

"The program has been designed to incorporate literacy, science, numeracy, creativity, health and connections to nature," continued Mr Sullivan. "The students will learn how to grow local, seasonal and organic food, generate healthy environmental ecosystems and promote local biodiversity. Students will also learn about creating compost and the life of bees. At the end they will get to enjoy the produce they created", said Dominic Sullivan.

Who is Seed Harvest Spoon

Seed Harvest Spoon is a not for profit organisation operating across Greater Sydney, Illawarra, Central Coast and Newcastle. Seed Harvest Spoon specialises in early childhood and primary school environmental education, delivering high quality, face to face workshops and programs which focus on each child's own development as well as enhancing their learning in relation to environmental sustainability.

The Director of Seed Harvest Spoon, Michelle Carrick, made a presentation to the school on the grant program. "Michelle is a great advocate for the program and its outstanding educational benefits for children and we are proud to back her vision," acknowledged Mr Sullivan.

PAYCE Foundation is committed to communities – Dominic Sullivan

"The PAYCE Foundation is committed to backing programs which build stronger communities and the Seed Harvest Spoon program has an excellent track record of not only delivering important education but also bringing communities together," Mr Sullivan said.

"Our approach to urban development is not just bricks and mortar. We want to develop long term relationships which deliver lasting social improvement", concluded Mr Dominic Sullivan.

About PAYCE/PAYCE Foundation – Dominic Sullivan

PAYCE is a leading property development and investment company founded in 1978. The company has a proven track record in setting new international benchmarks with its landmark integrated, lifestyle developments.

PAYCE has also won a reputation for not just delivering exceptional, intelligently designed contemporary homes, but also in creating dynamic and cohesive communities.

The PAYCE Foundation was founded in 2016 to build on the long philanthropic tradition of PAYCE. The Foundation's vision is a world in which disadvantage and misfortune do not limit anyone's potential and are not determinants of quality of life. The PAYCE Foundation aims to become a best practice example of engaged and strategic philanthropy.


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